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7 Habits to Give Up NOW to Reclaim Your Power

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

For the majority of my life these habits have robbed me of so much power. A lot of this also chips at our self confidence as it is happening and many times we don't even know it's transpiring in the moment. ⁠⠀

Photo by Daniel Lazarov from Pexels

Boy did I wear the crown 👑 on this at one point in my life!⁠⠀

And yes, on some days there is still struggle because... ⁠⠀


📌Mastering new habits doesn't happen overnight. ⁠⠀

📌Awareness is the first step, the next is practice. ⁠⠀

Here are the 7 thievin' heathen habits (and some notes on what to try and replace the behavior with):

1. Apologizing unnecessary

Instead of saying "sorry" try "when you have a moment, excuse me, after you," etc.

2. The need to constantly explain ourselves Try putting more value in your thoughts and get comfortable with silence. You don't gotta explain yourself to noooobody, as long as it makes sense to YOU that's all that matters.⁠⠀

3. Habitual disconnection from the present Anxiety, stress and worries thrive on this, because we are either dwelling from something from the past or worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. Try practicing mindfulness to get more present.

4. Being reactive instead of proactively responding. Take a breath, close your eyes, step away, take a moment, do what you have to do, to make sure you are not reacting to something from the past and get present. Check out my other post for more info on replace reacting with responding.

5. Blaming others Own your part...even if blame is justified shift your limited time, energy, and focus from blaming others to how to improve the current situation⁠⠀

6. Keeping toxic people in our circle

It's time to hold toxic ppl in our circle accountable, if that doesn't change anything either limit or eliminate time w them completely. Ain't nobody got time for that.⁠⠀

7. Our need to prove something or be right

We may think there's power in being right or proving a point but there's not. Would you rather be right or free?


Of course there are moments that are deserving of an apology, explanation, etc. but these refer more to situations where it's unnecessary and there is an available alternative that serves you and retention of power better.

May we always opt for better, and remember that sometimes we create our own chaos 🤷🏽‍♀️. ⁠We can choose to set ourselves free and choose power 💪🏽 🙏🏽. ⁠⠀

Can you give these up, or maybe you have already? Would any of these be harder to give up than other?


#maartemami 💕⁠⠀

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