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Books That Changed the Game for Me

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Read this book if you want to set yourself free from the baggage of the mind and past, and become free to live in the NOW. You will learn how to live in the NOW and reduce the volume of our chattering minds.

Tolle also shares how to deal with painful emotions and he wakes your ass up from your preconditioned self. WTF is this you may ask? Well it's not the real you that's for damn sure, it's the person you THINK you are but really its just a reflection of how we've been conditioned by our environment, people in our lives, limiting ideas, beliefs, etc. You will learn how to break free from this old, inauthentic self.

**Stay tuned I'm going to be uploading a list of my favorite books that helped me create peace in life, relationships and myself.**

2. 5 Love Languages

Couples therapist recommended this book because they believed one source of conflict was that my partner and I didn't understand each others needs in terms of how we needed to be loved. Our family is Jewish and there were some Christian references here and there but they do not dominate the book nor did they hinder our reading.


3. Stop Yelling and Start Connecting *STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES*

This book helped get me started on connecting with my son.

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