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Monkey Bars in My Kitchen!

You read that right. Monkey bars in my friggin kitchen, oh my.

"'re spoiling him..." - how many house guests described this. Here's what it really is: peace, happiness and a met need (his and mine). 😌

My son has always been a high energy strong willed kiddo. He would be hanging from the chandeliers if we had them...the polar vortex 🥶❄️ in Chicago didn't do us any favors. His body had needs, it didn't care what season it was - I learned this the hard way after one too many trips to the ER 🚨😕.

SOOO - Yes I got a monkey bar set and jump house for our town home. And? Our playroom was the size of a closet so it wouldn't fit in it went in the kitchen/living room...And???

Trust and believe we got the side eye from more than a few guests. Here's the thing - a big part of making your home a sacred space is not giving a flying F what others have to say about it! So long as it meets your family's needs and you all find comfort in it that's all that matters! 🗣🗣

Other people's negative opinions are none of your business so don't pay it any mind. Mind the business that protects your peace.

Thank you ginormous monkey bar set. You gave my baby a safe and healthy way to listen to his body. And you saved my sanity. 😌

Purchase this set via my Amazon Store:

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