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Small Solutions for Big Energy

This post is about space-friendly solutions and tools for kiddos with a lottttta energy!

Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels

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Not all homes can have a playroom...or an indoor monkey bar set - (I had to put our set in our kitchen in our Chicago townhome!)...they're just not plausible solutions for every family of kids with BIG energy.

SO - sharing a few space friendly tools for our spirited kiddos! A lot of these tools help our kiddos satisfy 2 of our 8 senses: vestibular and proprioceptive, which allow for active movement and muscle work!

1. Wobble balance board (I've seen this range from $9-20):

2. Pogo Stick/Jumper (last I grabbed this on Amazon it was $15!):

3. Training/throwing/grappling dummy (I got mine for $15):

I have more tools to add so please stay tuned for updates to this post!


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