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Tools for the Calming Space

Updated: Mar 16

Options for our kids to ultimately choose what works best for them to help them regulate and understand their emotions and feelings. Reminder that feeling feelings is also regulating! :)


  • Pick a location that is semi-private

  • Reason for this is so you can still keep an eye on your kiddo should they need you

  • A corner is great but it's not a must

  • Part of a closet

  • Create a calming toolbox if you don't have space (this is what I as an adult use until I build my own calming space LOL!)

TIP! Use the back of a bookshelf or drawer (even those plastic Sterilite drawers) to create a makeshift wall for added privacy.



If your kiddo is old enough, engage them to build it. They can pick what they find cozy and comforting.

Look further through this post or check out my Amazon Store for Zen Zone tools:

To save money you can use:

  • Pile up some blanket throws

  • Old pillows for seating or resting

  • Yoga mat

  • Old comforter

  • Old rugs (bathroom or kitchen rugs)

  • Old sofa cushion

  • For small children a small laundry basket with a pillow can work

If you're interested in buying some materials here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Reading pillow

  • Fluffy Rug

  • Floor pillow



  • Interactive deep breathing guide: Deep breaths is a critical tool to cooling the chaos in the mind and getting back to center, ONCE the child is ready and has felt the full spectrum of their emotion. You can find 💫FREE💫 interactive breathing guide printable here:

  • My son's favorite tool: his mindfulness cards, created my fellow mama Kaajal; Use promo code MAARTE10 for 10% off: