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Tools for the Calming Space

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Options for our kids to ultimately choose what works best for them to help them regulate and understand their emotions and feelings. Reminder that feeling feelings is also regulating! :)


  • Pick a location that is semi-private

  • Reason for this is so you can still keep an eye on your kiddo should they need you

  • A corner is great but it's not a must

  • Part of a closet

  • Create a calming toolbox if you don't have space (this is what I as an adult use until I build my own calming space LOL!)

TIP! Use the back of a bookshelf or drawer (even those plastic Sterilite drawers) to create a makeshift wall for added privacy.



If your kiddo is old enough, engage them to build it. They can pick what they find cozy and comforting.

Look further through this post or check out my Amazon Store for Zen Zone tools:

To save money you can use:

  • Pile up some blanket throws

  • Old pillows for seating or resting

  • Yoga mat

  • Old comforter

  • Old rugs (bathroom or kitchen rugs)

  • Old sofa cushion

  • For small children a small laundry basket with a pillow can work

If you're interested in buying some materials here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Reading pillow

  • Fluffy Rug

  • Floor pillow





Here are some of my and my son's favorite ideas:

  • Little plants (sense: smell, sight, touch)

  • Plasma ball (sense: sight, touch)

  • Gum (sense: taste and proprioceptive)

  • Aroma therapy oils (to rub-on or make sprays; sense: touch and smell)

  • Weighted blanket or stuffy (for proprioceptive sense)

  • Play-doh or Krackle Play-doh (sense: touch and sound)

  • White noise machine or instruments (sense: sound)

  • Foam pogo stick (sense: vestibular and proprioceptive)

  • Sensory sock (sense: proprioceptive)

  • Wobble cushion (sense: vestibular)

  • Almonds (sense: taste and proprioceptive)

  • Hand fan (to

To save money or as a fun DIY activity you can use things around the house/build your own tools:

If you're interested in buying tools here are some of my favorite products (you can also find lower cost options of some tools at Dollar Tree or Five Below and please note these items are NOT NEEDED, you can have a perfectly effective calming space without these tools, just sharing for those interested, it all comes down to preference and the budget you want to put towards the space):

Sensory Squishy/Stress Ball: it's hard to find good quality squishies! These so far have been our favorites. Others have popped/fallen apart pretty quickly or had odd odors. These have lasted in a while and my son uses them both in his calming corner, while in virtual school, and during homework time.

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