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Possibility in Parenting  

Coaching Program

Just MAYBE, things could be better. If you're thinking this.... or feeling stuck, guilty, or hopeless - know you're not alone. That was me just a few years ago, and it is countless parents today.  I didn't know where to start, so I'm here to share my mistakes and wins formulated into strategies for growth. Through this coaching program you'll get everything you need to make the shift to your peaceful parenting journey. Together we'll explore triggers, create POSSIBILITIES and work together to get you to a place of clarity, self-discovery, renewed confidence, and peace. 

We will cover:

  • My 5-step framework that put me in the optimal position to make the shift to peaceful parenting.

  • Practical steps to shift your mindset. 

  • Triggers and parenting strategies.

  • An action plan outlining customized solutions for your family and structures to support your journey beyond the program.



  • 8-week group coaching

  • Three 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Time and date TBC

  • Pre-enrollment cost is $799 

    • Options for payment plans available​

A request to be added to the waitlist is NOT a commitment to the program or payment. It is a request to be included in pre-enrollment for Spring. 14-day money back guarantee if once you start the program you don't feel it's for you. 



Nikki is a forensics specialist, writer, TikTok partner and founder of the Maarté Growth Coaching Program.

Her peaceful parenting journey and practices have been featured on NBC, MindBodyGreen, GMA, ABC News, PopSugar and more.

Nikki is a Bay Area native. After graduating from UC Berkeley she pursued the forensics industry in Chicago and lived there for 9 years before returning to the Bay where she currently resides. She is passionate about helping others dismantle self-limiting beliefs, achieve a higher level of consciousness and reclaim the power they possess inside.

Interested in 1:1 coaching?

Not a parent, but interested in personal growth coaching?  

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