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recovering tiger mama and type triple A personality. My whole life I've been described as "maarté", doin' the most.  I'm bringin' the same energy on my new journey of peaceful living. Join me! Let's make better choices, and grow together. 
hi! I'm Nikki,

featured on NBC, ABC News, GMA, Parents, MindBodyGreen, Fatherly, Motherly

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Possibility in Parenting
(Group Coaching Program for Parents)
Parenting, Personal or TikTok Growth Coaching

Nikki & Kalev on PopSugar!

Watch the full December 2020 interview and read the article below:

Podcast Interview

My unfiltered podcast interview with One Ausome Mom.


Read my latest posts on personal growth, parenting, lifestyle + more.

Maarté Mamas

Mama Club - we're planning a post-pandemic budget friendly mom retreat!

Maarté Beings

Wider community for
extra support.

Black Lives Matter

Click below for resources.

Maarté Merch

Be maarté. Own all that is you. 
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