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TikTok Growth

  • Identify niche & target audience

  • Profile review & feedback

  • Content strategy & planning

  • Strategies for growth

  • How to leverage TikTok to grow your business

  • + more

Parenting Growth

  • Mindset shift

  • Solutions

  • Strategies for growth

  • Plan of action

  • Unlearning

  • Triggers

  • Behavioral issues

  • + more

Personal Growth

  • Transformative thinking

  • Self-discovery

  • Clarity on your authentic self

  • Get out of your own way

  • Dismantle limiting beliefs

  • Solutions

  • Strategies for growth

  • + more

Professional Growth

  • Resume building/editing

  • Cover letters

  • Interview skills

  • College/Job applications

  • Etiquette

  • Networking

  • Strategies for growth

  • + more


Maarté Mami has a team of experienced coaches ready to help you grow.  Nikki herself has worked as a forensics specialist for the past 9 years. She has years of experience teaching and coaching through various corporate, academic, and non-profit programs. She has also presented at national academic and leadership conferences and conducted numerous seminars, teachings, and workshops on personal growth, the art of networking, resume building, interview skills, technology topics and more.


In the social media realm she is a TikTok partner, a verified creator and amassed a following of 60k in 6 months. Her sharing her journey has led to major media news publications and televised interviews. Her content has been featured on major news outlets. 

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