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The program for 

Asian/Pacific Islanders who are ready to do BIG THINGS

This coaching program will guide you through figuring out who you need to become to get to where you want.  We will work together to challenge you to think differently, learn new skills and adopt new habits. There is something in your way that needs to change in order for you to grow. That something could be YOU. 

In GO-API (Growth Oriented Asian/Pacific Islanders), we will cover:

  • My 5-step framework that sky rocketed my personal growth.

  • Practical steps to shift your mindset to growth oriented. 

  • Dismantling self-limiting beliefs.

  • An action plan outlining customized solutions for your family and structures to support your journey beyond the program.



  • 8-week group coaching

  • three 1:1 coaching sessions

  • time and date TBC



Nikki is a forensics specialist, writer, TikTok partner and founder of the Maarté Growth Coaching Program. She is a recipient of the San Francisco Asian American Women Leadership award and has worked extensively with AIP (and BIPOC) youth. 

Her recent peaceful parenting journey and practices have been featured on NBC, MindBodyGreen, GMA, ABC News, PopSugar and more.

Nikki is a Bay Area native. After graduating from UC Berkeley she pursued the corporate world in Chicago and lived there for 9 years before returning to the Bay where she currently resides. She is passionate about helping others dismantle self-limiting beliefs, achieve a higher level of consciousness and reclaim the power they possess inside.

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